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Determining The A's Win Percentage By What They Wear On The Field

UniWatch Blog is reporting that the A's are ditching their black jerseys for gold ones next season. My wish has come true!

But the interesting news is they have been tracking the A's and the different uniform combinations and how the team performs in them. With four different styles to choose from (home white, road grey, black alternate, green alternate) they have compiled a list of how the team does in which specific jerseys.

Here is a look at the tracking through the All Star break by Brandon Davis:

Attached (Tracking Part I, Tracking Part II, By Starter & Jersey, Uniform #s I, Uniform #s II) is my uniform tracking for the Oakland Athletics through the 2010 All-Star break. The A’s are a better team at home at 26-20, including a 9-4 mark in black — that’s as many wins in black as the 2009 A’s donned the black jerseys (they finished 3-6).The A’s are performing poorly again in the green road alternate jerseys at 8-15. The A’s wore green at home for Earth Day though and won that game. As always, the starting pitching skews the jersey win-loss record since starters gravitate towards certain jerseys. Of the seven regular starters (including Justin Duchscherer and Brett Anderson since they were injured and not spot starters), only Duchscherer never wore white. Only three pitchers have worn black and every starter but Vin Mazzaro has worn the road grays (excluding Clay Mortensen’s sport start in green with the stars/stripes cap). The two pitchers who have not worn the road greens are both injured (Duke and Anderson).

A few other random tidbits:

- When wearing a special patch (mother’s day, father’s day, etc.) or cap (Memorial Day, Fourth of July weekend) the team is 6-1.

- The helmet decals have nearly all been converted to the newer style A implemented in June 2009 but Jack Cust and Kevin Kouzmanoff still have incorrect decals.

- Kurt Suzuki continues to use an all-green road catcher’s helmet despite the A’s eliminating the all-green helmet last season.

- At least five A’s have been wearing caps with gray underbrims.

Very interesting and very random. Try wrapping your brain around these stats.

With Vin Mazzaro scheduled to start today's game and looking at the trend, I think the A's will go with the home whites today.