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"Neighbors Know My Name:" Jeremy Lin Name In Print...Everywhere

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Fans over at Golden State of Mind have come up with a few nicknames to describe the Jeremy Lin fandom.  "Linsanity," "Lincredible," and "Lin-sane in the Membrane" are a few that standout.  But it is not just the fans that love talking about him, but the press.  But rather than focusing on being "Asian" (Lin mentions that him and his family identify themselves by their Faith first and foremost), these articles actually give credit to his game than as a gimmicky PR move.  Click on for some feel-good news on Lin, the unassuming hometown hero.

Hua Hsu, Cupertino, California native and journalist of all things awesome in pop culture, says Lin's arrival may be the organization's awareness of more important things than selling tacky "bolt-festooned goods."

Adam Lauridsen of the San Jose Mercury "Fast Break" blog writes how basketball is the "great equalizer" and that Jeremy Lin has shown us just that.

Lin's high school coach, Peter Diepenbrock, says he score like the best of them.  But more importantly, he has a "special gift of vision of the floor."

Tommy Craggs of Deadspin recalls his accolades to say "let's just point out that Lin can play a little" instead of fixating on that he's just here to break stereotypes.

Lastly, Lin sits down with Kevin Arnovitz of's Truehoop to talk about an (un)fortunate injury and the 15 minutes that changed his life, among other things like this favorite class in college.

Stay tuned for more Jeremy Lin news.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll get to know more about Jeremy Lin beyond what we're already hearing, which is what he's going to do for Asian America (which is of course important).  Perhaps where we will soon know where he attends church service? Or where his favorite places to play ball are in and around the bay area? Like when the Warriors show up at Lucky to sign autographs, can we expect Lin to be there too?  Better yet, maybe Warriors will team up with 99 Ranch Markets for Lin?  

With or without Jeremy Lin, this has definitely been one of the best Warriors off-seasons in a long time.