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Giants Could Open 2011 Season In Taiwan

According to Arizona Diamondbacks Chief Executive Officer Derrick Hall, the San Francisco Giants could open the 2011 season with a two-game set against the Diamondbacks in Taiwan.

The negotiations are ongoing between MLB and Taiwan as far as getting the costs figured out,  which seems to be the deciding factor in whether or not this will happen. Things such as gate revenue, staff compensation and more are playing the biggest part in whether or not this will happen. Every player would also have to sign off on the deal.

SB Nation Arizona reports some comments from Hall:

"It's great for the players, it's good for the staff -- it gives them a whole new experience. From a marketing standpoint and scouting in the Far East I think it's  tremendous.

"It opens a whole new door for us so I would welcome the opportunity to play on the international stage and be the only game going for those two days, particularly in Asia where our popularity (and) our opponents popularity would surely increase."

As mentioned, the Diamondbacks are one of a few opponents being considered for the Giants come next March. The Giants are considered the lead team in the deal. An answer should be given at some point next week in regards to whether or not this will happen.