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Final: San Jose Earns A Road Point In 2-2 Thriller Against Galaxy

Before kickoff the Earthquakes would have gladly taken a point going up against the best team in MLS on the road. But after losing a one goal lead in the 90th minute off a cross that Jon Busch undoubtedly felt he should have smothered, San Jose will perhaps look at this game as a missed opportunity. If San Jose had held on it would have certainly been the biggest win for the franchise since the Earthquakes name was revived in 2008.

San Jose generally defended heroically, but they too often gave the ball away easily whenever they stopped a Galaxy attack. Arturo Alvarez’s giveaway led to Buddle’s goal, and San Jose’s inability to clear or maintain any possession in the last 10 minutes meant that they had to absorb cross after cross. It was perhaps inevitable that a team of L.A.’s caliber and a player like Landon Donovan would find a way to tie the game.

Still, this is a positive result and something to build on as San Jose continues into the second half of the season in a solid position to make a run at the playoffs for the first time since 2005. The Quakes will look forward to coming back home to face the Seattle Sounders in a very winnable match.