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1-0 San Jose: Galaxy Miss 3 Great Chances To Start 2nd Half

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Tons of action early in the half as L.A. presses for an equalizer. Landon Donovan almost created a penalty as he was free on the left side of the box, but he went to the ground too easily and was perhaps lucky to avoid getting carded for simulation. Not long after Busch made a solid save by knocking a dangerous shot from Kovalenko outside the box over the bar. Buddle headed the resulting corner down and it hit off the ground, into the crossbar, off of a defender on the line, and somehow out without clearly crossing the line.

Bobby Burling has picked up a yellow card for San Jose and the Quakes have made their first substitution. Arturo Alvarez has come on for Joey Gjertsen as the Quakes desperately try to hold on to a one goal lead.