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Quakes Up 1-0 At Halftime

San Jose survived the last 15 minutes without incident and sent the Galaxy into the locker room at half trailing for the first time this season. The last 15 minutes of the half were highlighted not by great scoring chances, but by face injuries. Alan Gordon may have suffered a bruised or broken nose when his face collided with Jon Busch’s thigh as Busch claimed a high cross. Just a few minutes later Cornell Glen took an elbow to the face and took a few minutes to recover before returning to the pitch.

San Jose’s star players have been Ike Opara, Bobby Burling and Bobby Convey. Opara and Burling have been calm and disciplined in the box and have won every cross they’ve needed to maintain the clean sheet. Convey has been the most dangerous Quake on the counter attack and scored the early goal with a strong, accurate strike on the rebound.