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Down By The Bay: Holy Offseason, Batman!

Well once again I have become swamped under work, writing and the like so I'll be waiting a bit longer to make the changes I wanted to make to this little piece, but believe you me, as I get more and more used to it, things will get smoother and the Down By The Bay segment will become as definitive as my Nuggets are on Niners Nation. 

After the jump is all you need to know when it comes to the A's, Giants, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks and all of Bay Area sports is laid in front of you by myself, as per our team specific blogs. So jump when I say jump... jump.

Giants: Well, for the Giants, it was a different story. They seemed to play well, but nothing came of it. As the post-game thread over at McCovey Chronicles notes, they hit, they played decent, but all the intangibles didn't seem to lineup. Ah, well, they still take the series.

A's: Did the A's play really well or did the Red Sox play poorly? Who cares! The A's swept 'em, and they looked good doing it. Athletics Nation is currently dancing, but you can go over there and jump right into the conga line in their recap thread.

Warriors: Things haven't been quiet for the Warriors, but Golden State of Mind has mostly been reporting via fanshots. David Lee injured himself recently, and they've got a fanshot on that. Jeremy Lin is also going to sign with the team, which is great, and they have a post about that, as well as a possible shoe sponsorship.

Sharks: Holy offseason, Batman, we've got a new post at Fear the Fin! Absolutely nothing is going on over there right now, but they manage to keep speculation and discussion going with a bit about Devin Setoguchi, his value, and the possible terms of his contract. He really needs to be re-signed, like right now.

49ers: Well, Niners Nation has their stat guru, Florida Danny, and he hit them with a huge post yet again, and it's awesome - read it if you're a stat geek, and read the bottom line if you just 'kind of care'. Beyond that, another one of the posters over there posted a feature called 'They Were Our Future!', looking at the players on other teams who were acquired with picks from the Niners.

Raiders: Silver and Black Pride is sprinkling in the occasional post in the offseason, and this one takes a look at the betting odds for the Raiders win to loss ratio. I'd say six wins is a fifty-fifty affair. I'd put some cash on it, unless I was a Raiders fan - I don't bet on my own teams. Love the intro to that article, though. So true.

Cal: Over at California Golden Blogs, they have their Golden Nuggets, always something you should check out when it's posted, and then they have their Golden Recruiting Wire, which is a nice, long look at many young players.