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Jeremy Lin New Warriors Back-up Point Guard

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As Samuel Lam reported earlier, the Warriors are rumored to be signing Jeremy Lin. Warriors beat writer Marcus Thompson II adds more to this intriguing “Summer madness” that is the Warriors off-season:

The Warriors fan said he emailed new owner Joe Lacob asking Lacob to sign Jeremy Lin, the Palo Alto-bred guard from Harvard. And the fan could not believe that Lacob took the time to respond to his email. So you can imagine how excited that fan will be when he finds out that Lacob not only answered the email, but he also … excitement warning … ANSWERED HIS REQUEST!!!!!

Is this really how it went down? Hope so because that is a story worth repeating at the water cooler with friends and co-workers. With Warriors poor luck with their new teammates getting injured, lets hope Jeremy Lin doesn’t break his hand signing his contract.