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C.J. Watson Signed And Traded To Chicago For Second Round Draft Pick

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HoopsWorld reports:

The Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors have completed a sign-and-trade for C.J. Watson, according to sources. Watson, who was a restricted free agent, will be dealt to Chicago in exchange for a second round pick. He has agreed to a three year, $10.2 million deal with the Bulls.

Solid pickup for the Bulls if he does go; it provides Derrick Rose with an instant backup who could augment Chicago's strength at point guard while providing Rose some much needed rest during the regular season. Plus he had a knack for making big shots off the bench.

As for the Warriors, this goes down as the first real move from Lacob and Gruber, although they haven't technically become owners yet. Steinmetz provides perspective

But with a first-year salary that could have started at close to $4 million, it’s likely the Warriors’ brain trust deemed that too steep. That brain trust obviously now includes Lacob and Guber, who agreed to purchase the team from Chris Cohan last Thursday.