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I Love College: Joe Montana's Son Caught Drinking Underage

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I often wondered what it would be like to be the son of a celebrity. The outlandish expectations and assumptions that the "apple doesn't fall too far from the tree" haunts many youngins. Michael Jordan's kids couldn't hold the torch to pop's throne (probably because MJ's excessive competitive nature would mean he would demolish them any chance they tried). But, really, the public scrutiny seems intense.


Back-up Notre Dame quarterback, and son of San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana, Nate Montana (and several of his teammates) was caught by local South Bend police for underage drinking. I don't know anything about Nate Montana's prospects for the NFL. But what shocks me more about this incident, if anything, is that his son is a back-up. Here I go, scrutinizing the child of a former NFL superstar. I'm not condoning underage drinking, but we all know it happens ... sometimes before youth even end up in college. And while that news of the underage drinking is TMZ worthy, I would say his back-up status may be more intriguing to us fans ... or me at least.


Do you, too, expect more (skills) from the son of arguably the best player of all bay area sports history?