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Down By The Bay: Staal? Too Cruel To Even Suggest

And the Oakland A's get in on the action yesterday after feeling a bit lonely. I talked more about the Giants than anything, that's because I very much enjoy shutouts and hey - lookie there, we've got another one yesterday as well. Can I get a collective "aww yeeeah"? ....I'll wait.... and there it is! I know you said it at your computer screen just for me and if you deny it in the comments well, I'll just ignore you and pretend you don't exist because my jagged view of reality is just AWESOME right now.

After the jump is all you need to know when it comes to the A's, Giants, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks and all of Bay Area sports is laid in front of you by myself, as per our team specific blogs. So jump when I say jump... jump.

Giants: Props to Barry Zito for returning to form at least once this season, pitching a very good game against the Mets yesterday. How good of a game? Well, check out the post-game thread over at McCovey Chronicles and participate in the discussion. Tell them I sent you, so they can scratch their heads and wonder just who I am.

A's: "But this is a new start to the season." These words will be something you, an Athletics fan, need to take and hold dear to you and hope that they're true. Perhaps the A's can keep winning? I'm a Giants fan and I would still like to see it happen. Either way, get on to Athletics Nation for a post-game recap and participate.

Cal: I like me an active blog, if you're a 49ers fan than you already know about that. But California Golden Blogs does a great job of putting together offseason polls and things of that nature to determine definitive favorites in players, big games, small games, moments - things of that nature. Yesterday they continued voting for the CGB Hall Of Fame, the match being Alex Mack vs Geoff MacArthur. I voted Mack - just saying. They also continued looking at the best non-big game of the 2000s with number seven. Lastly , you can submit votes for your Golden Performance Of The Decade. Great stuff for the offseason.

Sharks: I still feel good about the Sharks, and I will continue to. I've felt good about them ever since Joe Pavelski was re-signed. That was the deal breaker to me, no matter what else went on in the offseason, so long as Pavs was back the Sharks would be alright. Still, Fear The Fin decided to get some wishful thinking in and advocate bringing in defenseman Marc Staal. I'm not even going to comment on that because it's too sexy of a proposition to let myself get caught up in.

49ers: Citing some Football Outsiders stats, Niners Nation had a post about the health of 49ers players for 2010.