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Surfing The Bay: Friday, July 16th, 2010

Get off the computer and get in front of your TV (or if you don't actually have to get up, turn your head... and if you don't even have to turn you're head... well you're too lazy for your own good) because here's what's on the tube for you tonight. All times are pacific.

A's @ Royals | 5:00 PM | CSN California - The A's return from their break and go on the road to play the Royals. They're playing well and it would be good for them to get a win here. Immediately preceeded by A's pregame live and followed by A's postgame live on the same channel.

Chronicle Live | 5:00 PM | CSN Bay Area - If the thought of watching the A's makes you sick, first off - you're silly, and second off, tune into this new episode of Chronicle Live for Cris Carter, Mychael Urban, Marty Lurie and Paul Guiterrez.

Boxing: Judah vs Santa Cruz | 6:00 PM | ESPN 2 - Want some good old fashioned violence? Tune in to watch these welterweights duke it out for ten rounds (or less!) tonight on ESPN2.

Mets @ Giants | 7:00 PM | KNTV (NBC) - If the Giants are more your thing, check them out tonight on network coverage, wooh! The Giants will be looking to go up two on the series after a 2-0 shutout yesterday.

Manchest United @ Celtic | 4:00 PM | ESPN2 - Soccer fix? Watch this. Soccer fix cured.

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