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Don Nelson Hopes To Coach Golden State One More Year

With new ownership coming in, everyone in the Dubs front office is in danger of losing their jobs. Marc Stein of ESPN reports that Nelson would at least like to finish his contract before stepping aside.

"I'm excited about the new ownership," Nelson said. "I think this team needed that kind of change.

"I think we've made a couple good deals to improve the roster. I really love Lee and I think our locker room is getting cleaned up. We're really moving in a good direction.

"I'd love to coach another year, but I understand that it's a possibility [I won't be retained]. I want to do what's best for the organization. If I have to be a part of the change, I will understand."

Now, a lot of Warriors fans are looking to start over. On a poll on Golden State of Mind, the Warriors SB Nation Blog, 57 percent of those polled wanted Nellie to go (and a more select set, 36 percent want both Nelson and general manager Larry Riley out). That's not too bad, but it is leaning toward a plurality.

Still, it'd be hard for many NBA fans outside the Bay Area to respect the new ownership if they didn't look elsewhere and purge any remaining memories of the Chris Cohan era.