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Chris Cohan Rejected Larry Ellison's Final Bid. Was It In Time?

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Well, here's an interesting twist. According to Ellison he had the highest bid, but Cohan rejected it anyway.

"Although I was the highest bidder, Chris Cohan decided to sell to someone else. In my experience this is a bit unusual. Nonetheless, I wish the Warriors and their fans nothing but success under their new ownership," said Larry Ellison.

Counterpoint came from the firm in charge of the sale, Galatioto Sports Partners. (HT HT Golden State of Mind)

 We were moving forward with the high bidder right to the end,” Galatioto said. “I think there’s an Oracle press release saying they were the highest bidder, but they jumped in at the last possible moment with a bid that was … I can’t comment on what it was.
“But these deals are not just the headline price. We had to get a very clean deal with the group that won and we had a high certainty of close. Nobody gets to take a shot after the clock expires, not even if you’re LeBron James.
“And you know what, the game was over for about three minutes when they took their shot. It doesn’t count.”

It's possible Ellison's just trying not tot take one on the cheek. He doesn't want to look bad for not spending the most on the Warriors and didn't submit his bid until the last minute. If it IS true, this is a bizarre turn of events and totally out of character for Cohan, who has never shown himself willing to turn down a deal that maximized his bottom line.

What do you guys think?