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Kwame Harris Cut By UFL's Florida Tuskers

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49ers fans (and maybe even Raiders fans a bit) will always rue the day the 49ers drafted Kwame Harris. The offensive tackle, while fairly solid in the running game, was absolutely abysmal when it came to pass protection. There used to be a video (long since removed for copyright issues), in which somebody took the time to set Kwame's greatest moments to song. If you've seen the video you know exactly what I'm talking about.


Well, Kwame Harris' football career may finally be coming to an end. Ravens Insider Aaron Wilson tweeted that the Florida Tuskers of the UFL decided to cut Kwame today. Kwame certainly seemed like a nice enough guy with the 49ers, but that may have been the problem. Too much nice, not enough nasty. Whatever the case, long live Kwame Harris!