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Will the Golden State Warriors Sale Be The Largest NBA Purchase Ever?

Chris Cohan seems to be milking the Warriors sale for all it's worth. Totally in his character. Steinmetz again with the down-low.

Cohan has an offer on the table -- one that exceeds $400 million -- but he is holding up the deal in the hope of bumping up the sales price even further. Ellison, along with the current minority owners of the Warriors, remains the frontrunner to buy the franchise, but another candidate remains in the mix.
A Warriors source told on Tuesday that Mandalay Entertainment Group chairman Peter Guber was the other finalist. Also involved in that group is Joe Lacob, currently a minority owner with the Boston Celtics.
The source who said Cohan is delaying the process did indicate the situation is fluid and that things could change quickly. However, at this time the source said there was concern about getting the deal done by the weekend.

One thing seems certain: If a deal does get done it will top the $401 million that the Phoenix Suns fetched in 2004, the highest purchase price for an NBA franchise.

Good news for Warriors fans--the higher the deal, the more likely Ellison will be the only one willing to go that high. The bad news is that Ellison might not overbid. Still highly likely it'll be his team, but don't pencil it in yet.