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Joseph Lacob Enters The Warrior Ownership Fray, Mastrov Out

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Nope, it's not done yet. And while the 24 Hour Fitness founder is out of the mix, a totally new face has entered the ring. Marcus Thompson reports.

Lacob is part-owner of the Celtics and is a partner at the venture capitalist firm KPCB, which is based in Menlo Park. I remembered the name from when Matt Steinmetz reported back in June. But I never was able to confirm his involvement from people I trust, just Peter Guber. Didn’t matter anyway, right? This thing was destined for the top two seeds to meet in the finals: No. 1 Ellison vs. No. 2 Mastrov. Wrong. Of course, Tuesday is the day I confirmed he was in the mix. And boy is he in the mix.

It’s not that Lacob can outbid Ellison. It’s that Ellison “won’t overpay” as one person told me. Because of that Lacob is in the game.

Now, I'm not saying Lacob isn't competent or capable, but I'd guess most Warriors fans want the guy who'd immediately become at least the third richest owner in the league rather than a random third party emerging at the 11th hour.