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Bay Area Closers Put Together Strong Performances in 2010 All-Star Game

The National League managed to snap a 13-game losing streak against the American League with a 3-1 victory that featured some phenomenal pitching. The NL will have home field advantage in the 2010 World Series thanks to a bases clearing double by Braves catcher Brian McCann and a HUGE heads-up play by OF Marlon Byrd in the ninth inning. For more details of the entire game, check out Jeff Sullivan’s Live Blog.

The Giants and A’s were able to get playing time in this year’s game. Brian Wilson pitched the 8th inning, earning a hold as he set-up closer Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton. I’m sure Giants fans had to love that one. A’s pitcher Andrew Bailey was brought in after McCann’s double and after walking Rafael Furcal, Bailey was able to stop the bleeding by getting the last out of the seventh inning.