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Ellison Overbid To Hasten Sale From Cohan? Received Assist From David Stern?

Tim Kawakami speculates on the process that will likely have Ellison the new Warriors owner, coming up with two interesting tidbits.

The timetable, from the March announcement that Chris Cohan was publicly putting the team up for sale, was that the process would probably wind its way to late-July or, more likely, mid-August. But, as was frequently pointed out to me by multiple sources throughout the process, there was one way to quicken that pace: If Ellison made a drop-dead bid, and if Cohan took it.

Makes sense. Anyone who's watched the Warriors the past decade knows Cohan has treated the Dubs as a cash cow, no more, no less. It'd make sense that all that would be needed is an extra $50 million to $100 million.

And of course, how complete is an NBA ownership story without the Commish laying his hand on the table?

Hmm. David Stern is there, obviously. I’ve heard throughout the last few years that Stern very much wants Cohan out and Ellison in.

Interesting that this might be breaking now, when Cohan and Stern are together. If you know Stern, you know he could have told Cohan: Sell now, get the best price you can, and go away quietly

It'd be a nice little story for Golden State fans ... and just another punch in the face to Seattle fans.