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Ekpe Udoh Out Four To Six Months...And That's Not All

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Rusty Simmons of the SF Chronicle reports it's a torn ligament in his left wrist and will receive surgery on Wednesday:

A Warriors news release said the 6-foot-10 power forward from Baylor was injured in a supervised workout at the team's Oakland facility July 4. Udoh said it happened that day while attempting a dunk; point guard Stephen Curry said it happened while catching a routine pass from director of athletic development Mark Grabow; and shooting guard Reggie Williams noticed Udoh's wrist was hurting days earlier, while Udoh was bench pressing.

So where was the injury from? Well...

One Warriors decision-maker said he believes Udoh was hurt while working with a personal trainer in Atlanta during the week between the draft and when he returned to Oakland. "We're sure it happened earlier, and Ekpe certainly should have told us, but that doesn't change our minds about him," he said.

If the Warriors brass wants to show consistency in the matter of disciplining a player for lying to management because of an injury, they have one of two choices.

1) Suspend him for some period of time.
2) Trade Monta Ellis.

Why do I get the feeling they'll end up doing both?