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Down By The Bay: Baseball Helps

Good morning folks. We had baseball yesterday, and that was pretty much it. I hunger for the NFL onseason but the Giants and A's putting on some good performances recently has dulled the pain of no American football. The Warriors are a huge question mark still, either they're going to keep someone or they're going to lose everyone or like... ... something like that.

After the jump is all you need to know when it comes to the A's, Giants, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks and all of Bay Area sports is laid in front of you by myself, as per our team specific blogs. So jump when I say jump... jump.

Giants: Sweet deal, the Giants took the series against the Nationals and now have this odd thing called "momentum" on their sides heading into the All-Star break. Momentum is something that a Giants fan isn't very familiar with, unless used in the context of "downward momentum" or something of that nature. Still, McCovey Chronicles has a post-game thread for yesterday's game, and they also have the minor lines for you to check out.

A's: Oh look at that, the A's had an impressive win to wrap up and take a series. Nice, turns out I don't have CSN Cailfornia where I am right now so I couldn't catch the game but I really did want to. The post-game thread and recap over at Athletics Nation will have to suffice.

Warriors: Well, SB Nation lost a basketball game. Totally lame, I wish I knew about this. Beyond that, Golden State Of Mind had many posts. They had a fanshot about the Dorell Wright signing (potential signing, a bit about Brandan Wright and the Summer League, and a fanshot about Matt Barnes likely not returning to the Warriors. Sucks, I really want Barnes to stick around.

49ers: They had a post about the NFL Supplemental Draft over at Niners Nation. I think the 49ers won't take anyone there. Beyond that, they continue gathering fan's confidence in specific players with a look at cornerback Tarell Brown.

Cal: California Golden Blogs had a post about Cal's temporary football facilities. Or rather, it's got links to other such things, but the focal point is a link to that bit.