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'Get Off My Mound' T-Shirt Sells For $132.51 On eBay

Remember last week when the New York Yankees came to town to play the Oakland Athletics and the A's started selling these shirts at the Coliseum?

The exact same shirt was sold on eBay on Sunday for $132.51. Plus shipping, that totals to $140.46. That's a lot to pay for a shirt that was only sold for $25 at the Coliseum. This was the only listing of this specific shirt on eBay for the past week.

Follow the jump to get a little more info on the shirt.

This whole incident started on April 22nd when Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez jogged across the mound to return to first base after a foul ball. Athletics starting pitcher Dallas Braden felt that Rodriguez violated an unwritten rule by crossing the mound -- a spot that should only be occupied by a pitcher.

Braden told A-Rod to "Get Off My Mound" after the incident and it became huge story for the media. With the Yankees returning to the Coliseum last week for a three-game set, the Athletics marketing team felt that it was a good idea to make these shirts and sell them for profit. Braden did not like the idea at all.

Actually, before the series even started, the shirt had been on sale at least two weeks before the Yankees returned to the Coliseum. However, it was not promoted until the Yankees came into town. By then, the shirt was being sold at an alarming rate.

I called the Athletics merchandise office on July 7 (the third and last game of the series) and inquired as to how many shirts they had available. I was informed that only 100 shirts were left throughout the entire stadium and that if there were any left over after the game, they would take orders and ship them to buyers. All the shirts were sold well before the game ended that night.

My friend bought one of these shirts that day for me since I was unable to make it out to the game. Now I am considering as to whether or not I want to sell it. I've read through some forums and people throughout the country whom have a disdain for A-Rod have expressed interest in getting their hands on the shirt. Since it was only sold at the Coliseum and nowhere else, it makes the shirt very rare.

I personally was not a fan of the shirt to begin with and just bought it because I thought it would be something cool to have. But now that I see that a seller profited over $100 by selling it on eBay, I might just do the same. The A's marketing team used this shirt as a way to help bring in some extra revenue. I think I could use a little extra revenue myself.