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Brandan Wright Still A Work-In-Progress

With a career mired with injuries, Brandan Wright is one of the few, if any, 3rd year bonafide rotation players in the NBA making his 3rd appearance in this year's NBA Summer League.

He's in danger of becoming a bust from the 2007 NBA Draft as the No. 8 pick overall by the Golden State Warriors. Here are the players up to #15 that were selected after Wright: Joakim Noah, Spencer Hawes, Acie Law, Thaddeus Young, Julian Wright, Al Thornton, Rodney Stuckey.

From GoldenStateOfMind, here's the analysis on Wright from NBA Summer League:

It's not like I've totally analyzed his game from top to bottom each of the past three summers, but if I sit back in my seat, I don't see a whole lot of difference in his game over this period of time.

However, Wright is on an upward trend, albeit slow upward trend. He's more confident and a little bit stronger, but his improvement in confidence can't be from his shooting stroke.

I'd work on his shooting stroke, which will lead to confidence in hitting a pull up jumper from 15', which will increase his IQ around the basket and make him less predictable. I'd also work on the runningback form when sprinting, which will lead to more confidence and ferocious finishes on the fastbreak.

Otherwise, the ramp of growth of his progression as an athlete, as a weapon, is just too flat and he's liable to become a Draft bust. Then again, Joe Alexander was the 2008 No. 8 pick (my analysis here) and Jordan Hillwas the 2009 No. 8 pick, and right now I'd still rather have Wright than either of those two.