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Warriors Summer League Team A Training Ground For Reggie Williams And Brandan Wright

The Golden State Warriors' NBA Summer League team got off to a good start yesterday with a 1-point victory over the New Orleans Hornets. However, Summer League is not the place for scrutinizing wins and losses. It is the place for scrutinizing potential candidates for NBA regular season roster spots.

Coach Stephen Silas only played nine players, a relatively tight rotation for a Summer League game. Granted, No. 6 draft pick Ekpe Udoh was out with a wrist injury and Anthony Randolph had been shipped to the New York Knicks for no more than 24 hours, but that still left five players who did not see action in the game.

Reggie Williams played major minutes and, with the extensive coaching of (some might call it yelling at) former No. 8 draft pick Brandan Wright, it appears this year's NBA Summer League team might just be a glorified boot camp for these two rotation players.

The only other player out of the remaining seven that saw action yesterday, who might have a legitimate shot at making the Warriors' roster, is third-year pro Andre Brown, a center out of DePaul.

I plan to update this Story Stream with more in-depth analysis of how players are performing, after today's game at 5pm PDT against the Detroit Pistons, and it remains to be seen if this trend will continue.