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Anthony Morrow Feels Golden State Days Numbered

Steinmetz talked to Morrow earlier today, and from the pretty sad nature of the quotes, it’s not looking like he’ll be a Warrior much longer.

“Both places I feel would be great opportunities,” Morrow said. “The Warriors gave me my first chance. I love the Bay. But it’s a business and that’s what it comes down to. I really thank God for the fans in the Bay and thank God for the confidence the Nets have in me. I feel like it’s a win-win, either way.”

“I’m hearing a lot of different things,” Morrow said. “I know they’re interested, but if they can’t do it, I understand.”

Usually you don’t feel sorry for professional athletes, but you can just feel that Morrow was looking forward to playing with David Lee. Now he might be Courtney Lee’s backup on a LeBron-less New Jersey squad.