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Warriors Seek Versatile Play-making Small Forward

Larry Riley has been quoted as saying that the Warriors need a small forward with playmaking skills and Warriors beat-writer Marcus Thompson II provides a few names, some who have now been arguably overpaid in this off-season spend-a-thon. By the way money is flying around today, you would think the NBA is recession proof.

If Amir Johnson (see below) is getting $34 million for doing next to nothing for the Raptors (unless they know something we don’t know about him, like him being the next Chris Bosh), will the Warriors end up splurging or have they learned from their past mistakes? Looks like Mike Miller might be our best bet based off MTII’s assessment:

6. SF Mike Miller (unrestricted)
DATA: 30 years old, 6-8, 218
His production has dropped the past two years since leaving Memphis. That should drop his price, too. At his best, he’s a superior shooter who also can distribute and rebound. At his worst, he’s passive and soft, especially on defense.

Passive and soft? Looks like he’ll fit in just fine.