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The Raiders Want Your Input On A New Stadium

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Several years ago I purchased tickets to a couple Raiders games (season opener against the Bengals and their MNF game against Favre and the Packers). Since I purchased my tickets through Ticketmaster, I was added to the usual Ticketmaster mailing lists. I hadn't thought much about it until today when I received an interesting email from whomever runs the Coliseum (it was an email address):

New Oakland NFL Stadium E-mail Survey

The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority has engaged CSL International to conduct research regarding the feasibility of a potential new NFL football stadium, possibly located near the current site of the Oakland Coliseum. The stadium would be the new home for the Oakland Raiders.

This survey is intended to gauge the interest of Raiders ticket purchasers in various potential season ticket options at a proposed new NFL stadium in Oakland. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes of your time, and the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority sincerely appreciates your participation.

I decided to check out the survey they offered. I don't know if this means much of anything in the long term search for a new Raiders stadium, but it's certainly some kind of step forward, so take that for what it's worth. Join me after the jump for a rundown of the questions.

Question 1:

Which of the following best describes your current relationship with the Oakland Raiders?


Question 2:

Question 3:

Did you purchase a Personal Seat License (PSL) at the current Oakland Coliseum? (Note: PSLs were sold by the Oakland Football Marketing Association in the late 1990's and provided the right to purchase Raiders season tickets in your designated seats for up to 10 years. This program ended in 2006.)


Question 4:

According to the locations specified in the hypothetical seating map above, what would be your first choice of seat location at a new stadium?


Question 5:

According to the locations specified in the map above, what is your second choice of seat location?


Question 6: It becomes sort of like a choose your own adventure at this point as my next questions was:

How likely is it that you would purchase a Lower Level season ticket if the price per seat was $1,500 per season? Would you…


Question 7:

What if the annual price was $1,100? Would you…


Question 8:

What if the annual price was $700? Would you…


Question 9:

How many Lower Level season tickets would you be interested in purchasing?



Question 10:

One-Time Equity Membership Fee - Lower Level Season Tickets

It is possible that Lower Level season tickets in the new stadium will be tied to a one-time equity membership fee. The main benefit of the one-time equity membership fee is having sole control of the tickets for as long as the Raiders play in the new stadium, including the right to assign them to relatives, friends or third parties, including at a profit, if conditions warrant. Memberships would require a specific one-time payment that could vary depending on seat location and would be in addition to the ticket price for Raiders home games. The payment could be made over a 5 to 10 year time frame and would be in addition to the annual season ticket price.

Would you pay a one-time membership fee of $7,000 per Lower Level season ticket? Would you…


Question 11: As you can see from this question, I said no to $7,000

What if the one-time membership fee was $5,250 per Lower Level season ticket?


Question 12:

What if the one-time membership fee was $3,000 per Lower Level season ticket?



They then repeated the questions for Upper Level season tickets as I had clicked on Upper Level as well.

I was starting to get a bit tired with the survey at this point, but it kept on going, asking me of interest in "Loge Boxes," which would include the opportunity to buy seats there for other events.


Among the potential seating options that may be available for the Raiders in a new NFL stadium in Oakland, please choose your most likely purchase option.


And it wrapped up with this question:

Would you still be interested in your preferred ticketing option if the value of your previous PSL purchase was not applied to your purchase in a new stadium?