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McCovey Chronicles Series Preview

McCovey Chronicles, SB Nation's Giants blog, recently posted their series preview for the two rivals' three-game stretch. And they most definitely are rivals, where else can you use the word's "burning hatred" when in a series preview?

As badly as I wanted to the Giants to beat the Red Sox – and I really, really wanted the Giants to beat the Red Sox – that’s nothing compared to the burning hatefire that consumes me every time I watch Russell Martin loop a broken-bat single over a drawn-in infield, or when Matt Kemp does Matt Kemp things to the Giants even though Matt Kemp isn’t having a Matt Kemp season. A Dodgers series also means the stands will be filled with blue-bedecked toadpeople, all waiting for the right moment to cheer inappropriately. I wanted the Giants to sweep the Red Sox so the Yaz-come-latelys in the stands would shut their faux chowder-gullets. That didn’t happen. All I’m asking for is for the Giants to make that up to me by taking every home series against the Dodgers from now until the end of time. Or until the Soviets take over the country. Whichever comes first.