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Cody Ferriero, Freddie Hamilton, Isaac MacLeod In Fifth Round

The San Jose Sharks fifth round selections included center Cody Ferriero with the 127th overall pick, Freddie Hamilton with the 129th overall pick and closing out their fifth round with Isaac MacCleod.

On Hamilton, Niagara Ice Dog's coach Michael McCourt had this to say: (via

Freddie is one of our key contributors who is called upon to play vital minutes in all situations. He is a complete player who is very smart and is extremely responsible without the puck, and has developed into one of the premier faceoff men in the league. He prides himself on being a perfectionist and is continually looking to improve his game. He has devoted himself to becoming bigger and stronger and has added a physical dimension to his game making him that much more effective at both ends of the rink.

On MacLeod, I dug up this prospect profile:

Isaac’s ceiling remains a bit of an unknown. He will probably be 20 pounds heavier as a pro, will see his shot improve, and will likely play a full four years at one of the top NCAA hockey programs - Boston College. ‘Project’ is the term one of the scouts used, and I would agree; not because Isaac won’t be a great player, but because it will take time and patience and might not pay dividends for 4-6 years for an NHL team should they select him.