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MadBum, Welcome To The Frying Pan

Did you want us to lather it with cooking oil or would you prefer to stick and burn forever?

CSN Bay Area reported yesterday that the Giants' top pitching prospect, Madison Bumgarner would be starting against the Red Sox today (Saturday). I'm scratching my head on this one. The Giants are going to be putting him up against one of the most potent offenses in baseball today, an offense catered around punishing left handed pitchers.

The Red Sox are batting .289 against starting lefties, and just .275 against right-handed pitchers. Why would you throw him in there? You don't want to ruin the kid, and you don't to lose the game on an inexperienced arm. Pitchers aren't your biggest problem, San Francisco. It may seem like that at times but that will sort itself out.

I suppose the flip-side to my "You guys craaaazzzy!" stance is that he's going to face an offense like the 'Sox fields at some point. He's going to have to be broken in at some point or another so I guess it needs to be right now. Well, it doesn't need to be but you know. They (seem to) know how to run a team.

I'd be lying if I said, as a Giants fan, that I wasn't greatly anticipating this. He does seem to bring a lot, and who knows? Maybe he can not walk everyone three times and actually secure another win for the Giants. We shall see.