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Fear The Fin Selects In SB Nation's Mock Draft

In SB Nation's 2010 NHL Mock Draft, Fear The Fin, representing the San Jose Sharks, picked Tyler Toffoli. They talk a little bit about why they made the pick:

Toffoli has all the tools to become an elite scorer in the NHL, the only concern is his size. He's not necessarily small, but he needs to better fill out his 6'0" frame to become an effective NHL player. He's been compared often to current Sharks star Dany Heatley; although these expectations may be a bit lofty, it's exciting to think that a late first round pick is met with such potential. It's likely due to the fact that he's a polished scorer; Toffoli trailed only Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin and Nazim Kadri in AHL scoring. That's pretty elite company.