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Lukewarm-To-Positive Takes On The Warriors' Selection Of Udoh

Though the Warriors disappointed their fans and confused some analysts with their decision to potentially reach for Ekpe Udoh with the No. 6 pick in last night's NBA Draft, at least one person thinks the pick makes sense. From Diamond Leung of's TrueHoop blog:

Udoh isn’t the big-name pick the Warriors got last year with Stephen Curry, but he was the best player on their board. They passed on Georgetown’s Greg Monroe in favor of Udoh for his shot-blocking, ability to make mid-range jumpers and offensive rebounding prowess.

And while Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk doesn't quite understand the pick, he makes a good point when he writes, "[it's] hard to make a good pick with a team in flux," as Golden State clearly is. He grades the pick a B-.