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2010 NBA Draft: Rumors, News, And Hype on Bay Area Players And Their Possible Draft Position

Zac Jackson of Fox Sports Net Ohio considers the top 5-guards the Cleveland Cavaliers should try to target despite the fact that they don't have any pics ... at all.  Jerome Randle, star of the California Bears, is one of those guards Jackson thinks could fit right in with or without Lebron James.

3. Jerome Randle, Cal -- A true point guard with the kind of quicks the Cavaliers (except maybe Sebastian Telfair) are missing, Randle has the court vision and shooting ability to make an immediate impact at the game's highest level. But he's just 5'10 and around 170 pounds, so there's concern that he'll be able to hold up against the big boys. But Randle was a 40 percent shooter from the college 3-point line last winter, dominated lower-level competition in Portsmouth following the season and isn't a project at point guard. Likely a mid to late second-rounder, but certainly one to watch.

With Lebron's future up in the air as of now, you would hate to see Randle end up with a team with 1) no coach 2) no cap space and most importantly, 3) no Lebron.  That sounds like a recipe for disaster and irrelevancy.  On the bright side, when things get bad, Randle, a Chicago native, can just head on home fairly quickly.