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Warriors Fans Disappointed With Pick

Marcus Thompson notes that Warriors fans are disappointed with the selection of Ekpe Udoh. Thompson also mentions the previously speculated smokescreen, which turned out to be... something like a smokescreen of a smokescreen, perhaps? 

Fans clearly wanted Monroe and responded at the Warriors’ draft party at Oracle Arena by booing the pick, and I’m told there were chants to trade the pick. The Warriors are clearly happy with Udoh over Monroe, who didn’t impress the Warriors in his workout. Golden State already has three centers on the roster. But they also have two power forwards, which has fans befuddled.

As noted in the previous update, Golden State Of Mind seems to be of the same opinion: disappointment, and as Fooch notes: Brian (GSoM editor) has an uncanny bit of prediction skills, having said: "This looks like another Warriors draft day disaster."

So it would seem.