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Jerome Randle, John Randle, Jerome Randall All On the Mock Draft Boards!

A lot of mock drafts had Randle in play. Or someone from Cal with a similar name.

  • Hey look, NBA Draft Room also has John Randle from California! I wish I watched that dude play. They also have Christopher on the bubble.
  • Hey look, the spelling errors never end. Peter Coclanis of Slam called him Jerome Randall, BARELY A MONTH AFTER BEING INTERVIEWED BY THE SAME MAGAZINE. Maybe RANDLE isn't too far off when it comes to getting disrespected, since most of the people covering this draft seem to be functionally illiterate.
  • Most of these drafts are reaching, since I'm pretty sure none of these teams have even worked out Randle, much less contacted him.

  • So many teams seemed to show interest, and a lot of it was genuine.

    Here are the teams that have worked him out: Portland Trailblazers (video), Milwaukee Bucks (with quotes down low), Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers (with video), Utah Jazz (with audio from SLC Dunk), and the Sacramento Kings (with video) as well as the Los Angeles Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves & the New Jersey Nets (thanks to Ridiculous Upside).

    Who knows where he'll go, but I'm guessing that Randle's going to make someone feel very wrong.