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East Coast Fans Sometimes Bug Me

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The headline is a bit ironic seeing as I spent my high school and college years on the East Coast. I bring this up because of some comments on a site I check throughout the day, The Big Lead. The main writer for the The Big Lead, Jason McIntyre is a New York sports fan, so he has plenty to say about the NYC sports franchises. Today he was writing about the insane bidding on an autographed Stephen Strasburg rookie card:

The sooner Strasburg gets to a real team, like the Yankees, the sooner he can start to collect Cy Young awards the way Cristiano Ronaldo collects models.

I bring this up here because, as an Oakland A's fan, I've had to get used to Yankees and Red Sox fans proclaiming how a particularly impressive young talent will be on their team within a few years. For the A's, if he can get healthy, it'd likely be a guy like Brett Anderson. The A's signed him to a contract extension through his arbitration years, but if the past repeats itself, he'll either be traded or let walk in free agency. If the A's can get a new stadium done maybe that'll change, but I'm not holding my breath.

The Washington Nationals are slowly developing and don't quite have access to the kinds of funds the Yankees and Red Sox have at their disposal. I think they'll get close at some point, but for now they're at the mercy of a more realistic budget. Hopefully though, they're able to hang onto Stephen Strasburg through the length of what could be a spectacular career.