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Harvard's Jeremy Lin Has Final Workout With The Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors currently hold the No. 13 pick in the NBA Draft and wrapped up their workouts by bringing in Jeremy Lin. You heard me correctly, not the 31st pick but the 13th pick.

We shouldn’t get too excited, The Harvard Crimson reports. Hoops analysts aren’t that high on him, though Chad Ford seems to think he might sneak into the second round.

In what is considered a deep draft that is short on “star” talent, Lin’s chances seem low, especially as stereotypes loom about what an Asian American player can and can’t do on the court. But Raptors are a team with plenty of coaches and players of varying national backgrounds. Furthermore, multiculturalism is a national policy in Canada, so maybe Lin might fit in quite well with the NBA team north of the border?