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Saving Money May Be Golden State Warriors' Owner Chris Cohan's Draft Strategy

Don’t believe anything you hear the day of the draft, warns San Jose Mercury sports writer Tim Kawakami.

But Kawakami suggests that the Warriors may go in a number of directions, one of them being to save $3 million by trading down:

One true cautionary point: There’s always a chance the Warriors trade down if they’re not entirely sold on Udoh and think they can slide back to take someone else they like (maybe Ed Davis or Damion James) and grab $3M cash in the process.

Several sources told me tonight that owner Chris Cohan could be very tempted to get as much cash as possible ($3M per trade is the max), as long as he doesn’t look like he’s stripping the franchise bare before the sale.

In my opinion, there is little difference between Ekpe Udoh, Davis, or James. They all seem to tall, lanky, and slightly undersized power forwards, who Kawakami mentions the Warriors are already loaded with. Do we really need a raw power forward to groom with Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright still on the books? This looks like another Warriors draft day disaster.