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The New Warriors Logo Could Be Much Better

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The new logo for the Golden State Warriors was released recently and for the most part, people were happy about it. The logo takes a twist on a classic look for the team. I'm fine with that. I like it when teams pay homage to their history.

The logo had leaked out onto the Internet at least a month before the logo was unveiled to the public. For that period before the logo was released, I really actually thought that the logo looked really plain. My friends would say that the new look was something that any photoshop whiz could put together. And I actually agreed with them.

What about the new look bothers me? Click to jump and you'll see.

Here is the logo.




It surprised me that the Warriors would use a bridge that hasn't been built yet. But unlike "The City" logo, the bridge is a connection between the San Francisco and Oakland. So I suppose that works out.

The font, however, is a huge mistake. Creativity is very key to creating a new logo and the Warriors failed to do that. Using Copperplate Gothic (a common font that I have in my photoshop) shows just how uncreative the design staff was. If they had used something different, something uncommon, maybe it wouldn't look so bad. But since they did use such a basic font, it left a very bad impression on me.

Another deal with the font I don't like is the tracking/kerning of the letters. "Golden State" looks too spread out. It should have the same kerning between each letter like the team nickname.

The empty space in the upper right area of the circle is designated for the number of the player on the jersey. The original "The City" logo had their empty space in the middle, thus having the player's number in the middle. But with space off on the side, it looks strange to have the number not centered on the uniform.

Maybe it will take a few years for me to get used to the new look and accept it. But for now, I just don't know if I like the new look enough. It's a clear improvement from what the Warriors had last year. But like the team on the court,  with a chance to do something right, the Warriors just couldn't get it done.