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NFL Fantasy Football, Week 14: San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders Player Analysis

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The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders have big matchups this weekend as each tries to stay alive in their respective divisional races. The 49ers are looking to avoid elimination from playoff contention, while the Raiders are looking to cut into the Chiefs lead. Of course, as these teams are battling to make the playoffs, many fantasy football leagues are actually starting their playoffs this weekend.

For six and eight team leagues, week 14 is usually the first week of the playoffs since most folks don't want a week 17 playoff matchup. In six team leagues the top two teams have byes while the other four square off in first round matchups. A bye is great because it gives you a chance to not worry about results for a week. Of course, it also gives you a little bit less incentive to full engross yourself in football on Sunday. There is still plenty of reason to watch, but maybe just a fraction less than normal.

The 49ers will be dealing with a QB change as Alex Smith returns to the huddle. Supposedly this means the team can utilize more of its playbook, but who knows what will actually happen. Although Vernon Davis blew up last week, his numbers with Troy Smith had not been stellar prior to that game. He's always had great chemistry with Alex Smith, so he definitely could be an interesting play this week. All the 49ers remain a toss-up given the turmoil thus far.

The Raiders will be looking for a huge win against Jacksonville and will once again roll out Jason Campbell. Although Campbell's numbers weren't huge, he had a very efficient game. It wasn't a spectacular fantasy performance, but it was a solid enough job. Of course, if you've relied on Jason Campbell as your fantasy QB this season, you're probably not in the playoffs.