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Bill Simmons Book of Basketball Tour 2010: San Francisco

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Last year Bill Simmons released his opus to basketball, aptly titled "The Book of Basketball: The NBA According To The Sports Guy." This epic read had a lot of great moments and a few not so great moments (as any 700+ page book will have), but it's a great read if you like basketball, The Sports Guy, or both.


Now, the book is coming out in paperback with updates to a variety of sections. The new paperback version apparently came out on December 7 (at least according to Amazon) and Bill Simmons is conducting a mini book tour that features New York, Washington, D.C., Dallas and our very own San Francisco. Simmons will be here in San Francisco at the Stonestown Borders, tonight at 7pm. This Borders is on 233 Winston Drive. If you're going to head over, make sure and get there a little bit early as there is likely going to be a sizable line.