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Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl 2011 Schwag: What BC and Nevada Get For Participating

San Francisco will once again be host to the newly named Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl on January 9, 2011. This year's version of what used to be the Emerald Bowl will feature the Boston College Eagles and the Nevada Wolfpack. It should be an entertaining game as both teams bring some excitement to the table on offense.


Even if the game ends up a stinker, the players involved will walk away with some fine parting gifts. Sports Business Journal posted its annual rundown of the bowl gifts to participants. This year's Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl participants will receive Sony noice-canceling headphones, a Fossil watch, a baseball cap, an Ogio backpack, and a $100 Levi's Gift Certificate. Levi's is based in San Francisco so it makes sense to include them.


I'd argue it's a bit of a downgrade from last year when USC and Boston College received an HP Netbook, a Fossil watch, a baseball cap, and an Armor Gear backpack. I'd take the Netbook over the headphones any day. Of course free stuff is cool no matter what. This is even more true given the often crazy, Byzantine rules implemented by the NCAA with regards to gifts. The NCAA works their way around this by keeping the gift packages under a $500 maximum allowance.