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2010 BCS Bowl Schedule Selection Show: Stanford In Line For Fiesta Bowl Or Orange Bowl

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Tonight the Bowl Championship Series folks will make the official announcement as to which teams will be going to which BCS Bowls. Once the computers and polls are all tallied up, we'll have the final BCS standings of the 2010 NCAA football regular season. At that point we'll officially know what has been speculated about all season long.

We already have a fairly decent idea of who will be going to what bowls as information leaks out. Some teams are known because of automatic bids, but even the at-large candidates seem fairly settled. The Rose Bowl would appear settled to be a Wisconsin-TCU affair. It's not a traditional Big Ten/Pac-10 matchup, but it should be a fun matchup.

Beyond that there are a lot of questions about which teams will end up where. The Sugar Bowl gets the first two choices because of their rotation and also the loss of Auburn to the national title game. Our very own Stanford Cardinal will end up in a BCS bowl, but concerns about their ability to sell their ticket allotment will drop them to either the Orange Bowl or the Fiesta Bowl. The folks in Miami have a tough choice to make between a fairly weak BCS conference winner in the formerly 1-AA Connecticut Huskies and a fairly dominant Pac-10 team in Stanford that might not sell its tickets.

On the one hand, UConn apparently is considered more likely to sell out their tickets. On the other hand, it seems like Stanford versus Virginia Tech would draw better ratings given Stanford's location in the Bay Area. It all comes down to money and the Orange Bowl folks are likely just looking at what will net them more money. I suppose image counts as well, but when you're a BCS bowl already I don't think image is a major concern.

If Stanford is passed over by the Orange Bowl, they'll face Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Whichever bowl they are selected to, we'll be here all the way up through the game with plenty of coverage. And for even more in-depth discussion on the Stanford Cardinal, check out Rule of Tree.