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NFL Raiders Injury Update: Rolando McClain Has Something in Common with My Grandma, Arthritis

It is not often that you hear of rookies being sidelined by arthritis, but apparently that is exactly what has knocked Rolando McClain off of the practice field this week. McClain is listed as questionable for Sunday's game. Tom Cable conceded that the team would probably have to wait until game time to determine if McClain would be ready to play. It has been an up and down injury for McClain. He felt fine after last Sunday's game, but then noticed the soreness on Monday. As the week progressed, It would feel better before starting to get worse again.


McClain and the Raiders training staff need to go on the offensive with this injury. I do not know what kind of passive treatments are being utilized, but it is not enough. Hopefully they are reading this. Drink alfalfa in your tea, Rolando! My grandma swears by it and her arthritis hasn't kept her out of an NFL game in years.