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Andrew Luck 2011 NFL Draft Watch: Will The Stanford Quarterback Declare?

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According to almost every pro scout out there, Luck is by far the best quarterback prospect this year, despite only being a sophomore signal-caller. His mental acumen and physical talents simply separate him from every other quarterback in the draft. Jake Locker of the Washington Huskies was supposedly going to be that guy, but a mediocre senior season knocked him from that honor. Also trailing are Ryan Mallett from the Arkansas Razorbacks, Christian Ponder of the Florida St. Seminoles, and Heisman Trophy winner Cameron Newton of the Auburn Tigers.

Luck has stated he would like to complete his degree at Stanford before moving onto the pros; it's not known if he'll graduate in time for the 2011 NFL season, raising doubts as to whether or not he'll declare and wait for the 2012 NFL Draft. Interestingly, Locker was in all likelihood going to be competing for the number one spot in the NFL Draft last season, but he decided to stay back an extra season and saw his stock take a hit. Would Luck be willing to take the same risk?

Additionally, his fate may be tied to that of his head coach Jim Harbaugh and what he decides to do this season (you can follow any important Harbaugh updates on our SB Nation Bay Area storystream dedicated to that topic). If Harbaugh returns, it would make sense for Luck to come back and make a run at the national championship; if he leaves, it would make just as much sense for him to go.

There are sure to be plenty of developments on the biggest draft story of 2011.