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San Francisco 49ers Coaching Watch: Mike Singletary Out?

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There is nothing definitive right now, but all signs are pointing to the end of the Mike Singletary era for the San Francisco 49ers. Owner Jed York was very noncommittal after the game, telling Matt Maiocco that he was very dissatisfied with the team's performance. He did not commit to Singletary coaching through next week, which probably means that he will depart this week or at the end of the season.

"We want to take our time before we make any decisions like that," Jed York said when asked if Singletary would coach the 49ers in the final game of the season. "You don't want to make an emotional decision right now, right after the game."

If Singletary is about to depart, what will be the next step for the Niners? Maiocco reports that a new 49ers general manager will soon be hired, who would probably then begin the search for hiring a new head coach. There will be plenty of legitimate candidates for the job, all of whom would be interested in resurrecting a franchise that's become a parody of its former glory. Singletary has two years and 10 million dollars left on his contract.

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