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2011 NFL Playoffs Race: Oakland Raiders Eliminated With Kansas City Chiefs Victory Over Tennessee Titans

The playoff chase for the Oakland Raiders is over. The Kansas City beat the Tennessee Titans 34-14. The victory assures that the Chiefs will have at least a two game lead over the Raiders with only one week left, meaning Oakland no longer has a shot to win the AFC West title. Only the San Diego Chargers can catch up with the Chiefs; San Diego has to beat Cincinnati this afternoon and beat Denver, and hope the Raiders beat the Chiefs next week.

Even if the Raiders were to win their final two games, they are out of contention for a wild-card berth. The New York Jets and two AFC North teams—the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens—have all won ten games or more. The Raiders can at most win only nine. So their season will end next week at Kansas City, where they will try and play spoiler provided the Chargers do their part.