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NFL Playoff Scenarios, AFC West: Raiders Need Help

The Raiders are preparing for a huge game against the Indianapolis Colts…or are they? Unless you know the future, the magnitude of the Raiders game will not be clear until right around it kickoffs. The Raiders will either be fighting for a chance to play for the division the following week, or they will be relegated to the role of spoilers.

The Kansas City Chiefs will be hosting the Tennessee Titans on Sunday in a game that starts at 10:00 a.m. PST. If the Chiefs are victorious they will eliminate the Raiders from AFC West contention. If the Chiefs lose, the Raiders will know that if they beat the Colts they will be preparing to take on the Chiefs with a chance to pass them in the division.

Of course, the Raiders will still need the Chargers to lose to win the division. The Chargers will travel to Cincinnati this week to take on the 3-11 Bengals and then end the season in Denver. The Chargers will be heavy favorites in both games.

The Chiefs are currently five point favorites over the Titans. The Chiefs are certainly going to get a boost from playing in Arrowhead. They are a perfect 6-0 at home this year. At 3-3 the Titans have been a solid road team, however.

The Titans have had an up and down year. They hit a horrible slump in the middle of the season in the midst of the Vince Young/Jeff Fisher soap opera, but they have played better the last two weeks. They are coming in off a victory against the Houston Texans. The Raiders will be hoping they are on their game on Sunday. If not the same team the Raiders started off their season against could be the team that helps end it.