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NCAA College Basketball Rankings, Week 7: St. Mary's, Pac-10 On Cusp

Another week reveals little change in the top 25 for West Coast teams not named San Diego State (who now find themselves all the way up at #7 in the AP poll). With neither Cal nor Stanford in a serious position to threaten for a top 25 bid, that leaves St. Mary's to hold up the Bay Area's jockstrap. And they're doing their best, although they lost half their votes from last week, dropping from six to three. A win against Long Beach State just wasn't impressive enough. Don't expect things to change much next week either. St. Mary's lone opponent is a pretty weak Denver squad, and the Gaels are expected to win by 30.

Three Pac-10 teams cracked the poll but none of them could make the top 25. The Washington Huskies (49 votes, 28th place), Arizona Wildcats (8 votes, 36th place), and the Washington St. Cougars (3 votes, tied for 38th place) seem to be the only teams likely to mount a serious challenge next week for consideration. Unfortunately, Arizona plays Robert Morris, Washington plays Nevada, and Washington St. draws Mississippi State--none of these opponents are all that impressive, so expect another week of Pac-10 snubbing before the calendar turns toward conference season.

There's even less love from the Coaches Poll. Only one of those four teams (Washington ) received ANY votes. Check out both polls here.