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CCSF Rams Football Continues NorCal Community College Dominance

This is coming a week late but it's still worthy of recognition. Last Saturday the CCSF Rams were defeated 34-7 in the California Community College Athletics Association championship game. The 11-1 Rams fell to the 13-0 defending champion Mt. San Antonio College Mounties in a game that took place at Mt. San Antonio's field in Walnut, California.


Although City College of San Francisco dropped a tough loss in the state championship, they completed another strong season of football. CCSF finished the season with their first Northern California Football Championship since 2007 and their 11th since 1997. Although Cal fans prefer to forget the fact that they received Joe Ayoob as a transfer, he's just one of many CCSF football players that have transferred to Cal. The most notable transfer to any school would have to be running back OJ Simpson. Now that the 2010 season is wrapping up for the CCSF Rams, we'll keep an eye out for any transfers within the Bay Area.